Bulk Book Warehouse is a family owned and operated company located in Rotterdam, NY.

Founded in early 2019 on a shoestring budget, we have grown into a respectably sized business processing tons of books per month.

We work with dozens of libraries, churches, schools and thrift stores to accommodate book disposal, discard and overstock needs.

We also sell books through online marketplaces and fulfill partnerships to fund our service to the community.

Our goal is to find used books new homes. If you have books, we will take them off your hands.

Contact us today so we can help you and follow us on social media for updates, future events and promotions.

Books reused or recycled annually


The books we receive are sorted for resale, donation and recycling.


We understand not every book can find a home, that’s why our company offers free book pickups to make sure no book gets left behind.

If you would like to drop off books to our warehouse we now have book drop boxes outside for 24/7 convenience.

You can drop off your books at any time.

No appointment necessary.

Jody Squadere
Jody Squadere
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This service has been a real Hero to us as we have been scratching our heads and wondering how we were going to pass on so many books. We are thrilled that Kris at Bulk Book Warehouse attempts to find good homes for them. Thank you!
Phyllis Kinney Snell
Phyllis Kinney Snell
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Wonderful resource! It was almost too good to be true! If you have books and DVDs you are ready to part with, contact Kris...very easy to work with.
Fran Meltz
Fran Meltz
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Great service! Thank you!
Yvonne Keller-Baker
Yvonne Keller-Baker
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Always quick with a response and pickup. Invaluable resource for recycling books.

Bulk Book Warehouse LLC

2910 Campbell Ave

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Lobby Hours:

Mon – Fri: 9 am – 2 pm

Please use the "Free Pickup Form" to schedule a pickup. Thank you.

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