Q: “Can we shop/ buy books at your warehouse?”

A: No, we are not open to the public. All of our books are available through our online bookstore.

Q: “Do you accept encyclopedias?”

A: Yes, we are accepting encyclopedias again.

Q: “Do you accept records?”

A: No. We do not accept records, VHS or cassette tapes.

Q: “Is there a limit to how much you will pick up?”

A: We prefer to have a minimum of at least 1 box/bag for pickup. There is no maximum limit for pickups.

Q: “What are your service areas?”

A: We typically provide free pickups within 35 miles of our location in Rotterdam, NY.

Q: “How long do I have to wait for a pickup to be scheduled?”

A: You will receive a response from us within 24 hours after completing the free pickup form. Please wait until you’re ready for a pickup to schedule.

Q: “Do I need to schedule an appointment to drop off books?”

A: No, you can drop off books, CDs, and DVDs at anytime using our donation bin outside of our location.

Q: “I have a lot of books, can your bins accommodate 300+ books?”

A: For drop offs larger than 300 books we recommend bringing them to our warehouse in Rotterdam.

Q: “How often do you check your bins?”

A: Every bin and drop off pallet is checked periodically throughout the week to ensure no books are left outside. 

Q: “What do you do with the books?”

A: Every book is sorted for resale, donation, and recycling.

Q: “Can you write a donation receipt for tax purposes?”

A: No. As a for-profit business we cannot write donation receipts.

Please use the "Free Pickup Form" to schedule a pickup. Thank you.

Bulk Book Warehouse LLC

2910 Campbell Ave

(behind Old Brick)

Rotterdam, NY 12306


Lobby Hours:

Mon – Fri: 9 am – 2 pm

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